Carne Asada Restaurant in Orlando

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Authentic and perfectly cooked, our Carne Asada offers a delightful grilled beef dish for any occasion. Order today at Guanajuato Restaurant in Orlando.

Grilled Beef with a Punch

Here at Guanajuato Restaurant, we recreate all your favorite Mexican beef dishes with a unique twist. And our divine menu includes our popular Carne Asada, a hearty and tender grilled beef meal.

Always in the mood for good food, our chefs use only the freshest, finest limes and herbs. We infuse our marinade with punchy flavors to perfectly complement the natural warmth and earthiness of the meat.

Bite into our juicy beef today and let yourself be swept away to Mexico. Plus after your dinner, you can also enjoy a nice time at our bar down the road.

The freshest, finest limes and herbs


Carne Asada Restaurant Orlando
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What Makes Our Carne Asada so Special?

Our passion for Mexican cuisine permeates through our legendary Carne Asada. As with all of our recipes at Guanajuato Restaurant, we've mastered the preparation of this irresistible grilled dish.

First, we'll thinly slice a fresh flank steak so it will cook quickly. Then we'll rub the meat with the marinade and let it soak until it's gently moistened.

Finally, our experienced chefs will cook the beef over high heat. By the time it arrives on your table, it will be sizzling hot with perfectly crisped edges. Sounds amazing, right? Come and try it today!

It’s the sizzle that counts


Carne Asada Restaurant Orlando

Discover the flavors of Mexico right here in Orlando!

Step into our food oasis and treat yourself to a tempting menu of traditional Hispanic dishes. Contact us today. 

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